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Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!!

It’s Tuesday 29th July 2014!

So, what do I have to tell you today?

Well, nine years ago Astronomers announced their discovery of the dwarf planet Eris which is an ice planet that was originally thought to be an official ninth planet. However, at a closer look it appeared to be only as small as that of Pluto.

Although, Pluto is small and fairly cold (Actually… due to it being one of the furthest planets away from the sun… Its too cold to even have life on it), Eris has been named Pluto’s Doppelganger.

And if you don’t know what a Doppelganger is… Well, its sort of like a clone of the original. However, it turns out Eris isn’t Pluto’s Doppelganger at all. Yes, it has the same “Atmosphere” if that’s what you want to call it’s surface and temperature. But Eris is colder but not only that, its also bigger.

When Astronomers first discovered the dwarf planet they thought it was a real one, then they thought it was just a little bigger than Pluto… And then they finally got a good calculation showing that Eris is 27% bigger than Pluto but only amounts to 0.27% of the mass Earth is…

So, there’s your interesting fact for the day!

Now, last week I showed you a piece of my fictional writing work… Well, having being stupid enough to write it on paper and then leave it in my English folder… Which was then dropped in a pond near my house… I can’t show you anymore until I can re-write or find another copy of it… Depending on how many times I wrote it up. I’m hoping I haven’t destroyed the final copy.

So, I’ve decided to show you something else. This is something I had written a few months ago, while The Red Flame was written last year.

Now, I’m just going to let you have it so you don’t get too bored.

Here’s the introduction and description, I’ll leave the first chapter for next week so you can think about the story and you can tell me whether you want more or not.


Description – What you need to know and understand.

The Patient is a story similar to that of “Beauty and The Beast” with “The Patient” having flaws similar to those of “The Beast” making him seem monstrous until the turning point.

Introduction –

When Clarissa Andrews moved in with her father, she didn’t expect it to be so hard. After moving in with her father, who is a Psychiatrist, for two weeks she isolates herself in her room, away from all the traffic of depressed and neurotic teenagers her father treats.

But when school finally begins, the first day is always the hardest. Especially when you’re an English girl with a scholarship to a high class English Established school in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

And that’s where she meets the Angel that is Jarred Brooks, an American boy sent to learn at Anielski, just like Clarissa.

Jarred Brooks is a suggested fantasist and schizophrenic, bullied and ignored by people at school.

But what Clarissa doesn’t know is that her father has a “Very Dangerous” new patient and it so happens, the demon is wearing an Angel’s face.


And there it is!

I hope you enjoyed it!

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