Happy Monday


Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!!

It’s Monday 28th July 2014 which means that I’m going to be gone for a whole month!

Yes, I won’t be back till Monday 25th August! But, don’t worry. You will still be getting your morning doses of Happy Days! I can promise you that. Because even though I’m away for a month, I will be home on weekends! So, if you want to talk to me, message me then or just leave a message and wait till I get home on Friday nights!

Now, I’m to be away on a NCS course, I will be sleeping out for two weeks and then at home for the other too but all my days are planned ahead for this week and I will be telling you what I did this week, next week! Which means I have a lot of writing to do in three days.

But, you’re worth it.


Anyway, today I thought, why not find something to do with what I might be doing while away and what a lot of people are doing around this time of year in the northern hemisphere because its summer!

Yes, I’m talking about swimming! Swimming is one of those sports that I love because even with my arthritis I can still do it… Yeah… My body is somehow older than my actual age…

Anyway, 13 years ago an Australian man named Ian Thorpe became the first swimmer to win six gold medals at a single World Championship!

And here he is with his 6 gold medals.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Rocky xxx

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