Happy Firday


Hello Everybody and Happy Friday!

I’m late… Again! But at least I’m not too late! If I’m late, it will only ever be bye an hour.

So, what’s today?

Today is Friday 25th July 2014 and exactly 7 years ago today the first female president, Pratibha Patil, in India was sworn.

Some people will look at that and say, “And? That’s going to change things because?”

Well, finally allowing a woman to run the country instead of a man is like an act of anti-discrimination due to women no longer being discriminated against and thought as the lesser important sex.

Another thing, while India is building and thriving, it is still classed as a developing country. And if you look at India and other places like it, that are still developing a lot like China and Taiwan, you can sort of be proud. Because we, in developing countries, haven’t all got rid of discrimination.

In politics in the UK, we had our female Prime Minister, which is sort of like having a president that’s what a Prime Minister is, but we were a developed country by the time it had happened.

A lot of countries are still working to get rid of discrimination but it seems that these things just can’t be rid of completely.

But I’m going to tell you this. If you’re African, Indian, Chinese or anything else and you get called a racist name, just think, “They have to live with themselves.” Because I may be white. But I do get racist comments… A lot of them, “Oh look its the White Witch,” “Here comes Snowflake.” And I know it’s hard to not lash out and hit them in the face but in all fairness if you do that, you’re just as bad as them.

Discrimination is an act against Races, Homosexuals and Gender.

It’s not something I wish any one of you to be a part off and I wouldn’t want you to be a victim to it either.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed.

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