LLL Ranting

Everybody, I am pleased to say that we have reached 113 followers! Which, doesn’t sound like a lot. And maybe to you it isn’t that big of a number but to me, this is so important! I am so happy with the feedback I’ve gotten and with the support and views I’ve received and I can honestly say, even though doing this doesn’t bring me much joy, I’m happy. And if you want to know why it’s because people like you read my work and listen to my words and become either happy or inspired. I know for some of you I’m just a 16 year old Dyslexic girl that can’t really do much with herself but I act older than I am. And if any of you ever have a problem, with anything, whether its a problem or you’re lonely, Contact Me! I want to help. It’s why I’m here. I can’t make myself smile genuinely anymore which makes me understand how hard it is to smile to cover up your real emotions and I write these Happy Days articles to make you smile, to make you happy. Whether its once a day, once a week or maybe just once a year.

I don’t want any one of you to be lonely or sad. So, if you need me, message me.

There Is Always…


Talk Soon Everyone.

Thank you for the support!

Love You.

Rocky xxx

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