Happy Tuesday

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday 22nd July 2014.

So, what events are on today? Well, it’s Prince George’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Prince George Alexander Louis Windsor!


Now, what else do I have to tell you? Well, I honestly don’t know what to tell you. Because I haven’t really planned anything because you haven’t told me what you want!

However, I’m going to test something!

Some people like short stories and I thought, why not write a story for you and give you a new chapter each week.

So, here it is. This is called “The Red Flame” I wrote it a while ago… But it is a small little thing that certain people enjoyed so I why not share it with you.

Here it is,

My name is Gwen Stewart, I was just fourteen when my parent’s were brutally murdered by my twin brother, Owen, and my older sister Mary; but Mary wasn’t our real sister, my parents had a friend who was going to be a single mother but after giving birth to the hell-child, Mary Glass, she died minutes after. My parent’s adopted her and changed her last name to Stewart, she’s a year older than me and Owen, but when the news was broken to Mary and Owen, he was pleased due to him finding feeling’s for Mary. However, Mary was happy also, but was upset and angry that nobody told her that her mother was dead. So in rage, she plan’s to kill my parents and my brother help’s her gladly.

It happened while having a midnight picnic next to the Victoria woods under the stars. The moon was at its fullest, and was hanging in the silk like sky like a large silver coin. Owen and Mary ran off into the woods, having fun and giggling, after all it was Mary’s birthday; so there they went off, into the woods, laughing and giggling but when they came back, they had grins on their face’s and knifes in their hands.

Mother shouted at me, “Gwen, get out of here my sweet child! Now!” She got up, ran to were I was stood, she shuck me, “Go, you’re the only good Whispered left, please!” My Mother cried as Owen stabbed her in the back, and once the blood had dripped, with one fatal swoop of his hands, he snapped her neck like a twig; I started to run as her body hit the ground. Owen could have slaughtered me and ripped my head off, but instead he turned away and went to help Mary with the death of my Father.

After running up the hill to the east of the field, I stood there, watching as they killed my Father, I was stood in front of the trees, the last Whispered in my family or last good one at least. I was to far away for them to notice that I was watching but once my Father was dead, Owen sensed me, he turned around and spot’s me, I stood there, my hair blowing in the wind. Then my brother reaches down and pull’s the knife out of Fathers chest and raise’s it to me, as if to say, “I’m coming for you, Gwen. I’m coming.” Then they vanished back into the wood, while the police swarm through the town’s streets, sirens blazing through the thick blanket of darkness. So like Owen and Mary did, I ran, I may have nothing to hide from the police but Owen and Mary are out there and they want me silenced.

I have been found by Owen and Mary every now and again, but I always escape, somehow. I’m seventeen now and I’ve been living in Alaska for fifteen weeks. I have been located by the police and Owen and Mary. So I have to leave Alaska and never return, my name is Gwen Stewart but I am The Red Flame.


And there it was. I hope you enjoyed it. If not, why not give a suggestion of what you’d like to have from me?!

However, if you did like it and you want me to carry on with this, why not share it, comment, follow and favourite?!


Hope you enjoyed!

Want to talk? I’m always here. Contact Me! I can be lonely, too, ya know!

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