Happy Friday


Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!

It’s Friday 18th July 2014 and it’s Nelson Mandela’s Birthday! So, there your little bit of history for you.

Now, I know, I’m late uploading this by an hour. But I always said that this was something that would be posted in the morning and it is still morning so I’m not too late. However, I will apologise to some of my readers that wait for it to be posted to read it before going to school… You’ll just have to have a Happy Evening instead but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Anyway, last night I got a request to do a prank from a few fans so I obviously obliged. So, my friend Sophie, who wrote this month’s Fan Music Top Five for the magazine, gave me a number of her friend, Josh. And let me just say this… I don’t think I’ve had such a beautiful conversation while doing a prank, ever. And I’ve done many pranks whether they’re phone pranks or just pranks in general. So, I screenshot them, edited his details out so you can’t call or text him and here they are. Hope you giggle! Open-mouthed smile 


And there it is… After that I told him who I was and that Sophie had nominated him… He found it amusing and it cheered him up so, Happy Days! Hope it made you laugh!

Now, onto this part, I was late to post due to being upset. As you all know, I am bisexual and back in April my girlfriend, Elizabeth, split up with me because she found out she was ill. She had a brain tumour and then they found cancer cells in May. She flew to America for treatment but it didn’t work and she passed away yesterday at 5:32pm in Florida, she was going to turn 15 this October…

But, I’m going to say this so it doesn’t sound as depressing for you all. Two weeks before she died, she was stable enough to be in a wheelchair and go outside. Her older brother, Jesse, took her to Disneyland and she got her wish. She had always wanted to meet Mickey Mouse. And she got her wish. So, yes, she past away. But the way I have to now think of it is, she died happy and she’s now out of pain.

In Loving Memory Of Elizabeth Fedorova

31st October 1999 – 17th July 2014.

Sweet Dreams Princess.

Hope you all have a Happy Day.

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