Happy Tuesday


Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!!

Today is Tuesday 15th July 2014.

Which, for some of us, its a very special day! Today is Twitters birthday!

Yes, on 14th July 2006 Twitter was released for everyone to use and it became one of the biggest social media platforms known to man! So explore-twitter-s-evolution-2006-to-present-26da93b8c5much has changed since it was first released, such as the Twitter bird. (Shown to the right.)

So, Happy Birthday Twitter! You’re almost a Teenager!



Now, what else is today? Well, nothing really… But I can tell you something!

To_the_Moon_coverToday I was playing To The Moon, which is a pixel game that is absolutely beautiful in music and the style of the game, even though the graphics aren’t as good other games like Watch Dogs and Call Of Duty, with the music, atmosphere and the storyline, it really does make it so amazing.

With the music impacting the atmosphere… It’s absolutely beautiful.

So, what else is good about the game?

Well, the back story. Don’t read if you want to play the game! If you’ve heard of it but don’t want to play it, go watch a gameplay of it! Here is a Spoilers! So, the main two characters are Doctors, Eva and Neil. They grant dream wishes to those who are passing over. Their new patient is a man called John, who also goes by Johnny. He had a wife who had passed away 2 years before him called River. Johnny lived in a house with his housekeeper Lily and her two children, Sarah and Tommy, their father being killed a few years before the present day in the game, he was a soldier in the army. So, Johnny’s wish was to go to the moon. And in order to do that Eva and Neil had to go into Johnny’s memories and leap backwards into his youth. They find that River was ill and decided to save money by not having treatment because she would rather her dream house being built near “Anya” than living and not being able to be with “Anya”. And then we get confused…

Who the hell is Anya? Well, due to River’s illness she develops emotions for the Lighthouse that is on the cliff below where the house is built. And… Having an attachment for a Lighthouse is strange, right? But then going further back we find that it was where they had gotten married. Which is where something strange had happened, Johnny’s mother had called John, Joey… You’ll understand why its so strange when you get to the bottom.

But the further back the story goes the more it becomes apparent to us that it wasn’t just a lighthouse to her. When Eva and Neil finally find a way to get into Johnny’s childhood due to Beta-Blockers being in the way, they find that Johnny had a Twin Brother, named Joey. Their mother had ran Joey over in her car by accident.

So, developing on the story, we find that John didn’t meet River in their Teens like we had expected. It was actually before, during their childhood that they had met. Where they had discussed what stars are and River said, “I think Stars are Lighthouses that are on the very edge of the skies. And they’re too far away from each other to talk and hear each other so they shine.” Which explains her fascination with Lighthouses. However, after saying that, it is explained why she is so fond of the Lighthouse that they call Anya. “One day, I hope to befriend one.(A Lighthouse.)” And then John’s mum calls for him, but they’re at a carnival and he’d won a stuffed animal, a platypus in fact. Which he then gives to River. And even on her deathbed, she carried it with her and protected it. However, we still don’t know why John wants to go to the moon until he says, “If we get lost, we’ll meet on the Rabbit’s stomach, we’ll meet on the moon.”

And that’s when we realise that he wants to go to the moon to find River, after she’d died. So, Eva sets off. Neil, however, doesn’t agree with trying to get John to the moon due to the fact that they would have to remove River from his teen memories upwards. So, Eva does it, even though Neil disagrees.

But she does something surprising. Eva brings Joey back to life and saves him in the dream. She pushes River aside and lets it run like that. And then Eva hopes that River comes back into John’s life in another way.

And she does. River came back into John’s life by entering the same NASA: Moon project. And then, at the very end. The shuttle is launched, River and John are together, going to the moon. Lily, Eva and Neil watch the shuttle as it is launched, Lily being brought in by Eva who gave her a helmet. In the shuttle, as it’s launched, John starts to die. And then, when they’re in space, heading for the moon, River takes John’s hand in hers and then it ends.


I can honestly say, I cried. For 6 hours while playing the game, I cried.

And that’s all I have to say for today.

It has been established that this Gamer Girl, myself, does have a soul!


Hope you enjoyed my mini outline to the To The Moon story! The game supports charities and if you buy the Official Soundtrack a lot of the money goes to charity.

Here’s the main theme. Its honestly beautiful.

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Now, I hope you all have a good day. If you have a dream, live for it. Don’t let it weigh you down.

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Talk Soon, Unicornauts.


Rocky xxx

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