Happy Thursday

Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday!

It is Thursday 10th July 2014 and have I got things to tell you!

First, today is Perri Edwards’ Birthday!!!

1373463126-522If you don’t know who Perri Edwards is then you need to listen to this, she is one of the singers in a band called Little Mix and in all fairness I love them! They stand for what’s right! Even if I don’t really like Pop music.

So, what else do I have to tell you?!

Well, it was weird yesterday because I didn’t leave my bedroom for longer than 15 minutes. So, you would expect that nothing interesting would have happened, right? Wrong. By the power of Omegle I met two new friends! Both of them like gaming like me and I got to play Town Of Salem with one all day.

The guy I played Town Of Salem was called Jarrod and although he lives in the US, we spent almost 12 hours on call talking and playing TOS and it was amazing!

However, then I met James. He’s a YouTuber like myself, though, unlike me, his new channel has been going longer and has more subscribers. But its fine because having subs doesn’t bother me. All I want to do is make one person laugh!

But James is nice! And he offered to record with me! How do I get this luck? Please answer me that! XD

And then there’s one last thing. Today while I was Facebook, a boy added me on Facebook. And then I realised that it was the same guy that had deleted me two days before. He messaged me and made me feel depressed and I told my close friend Jesse what he’d said, and what did Jesse say I hear you ask. Jesse said what I say, “Telling him to fuck off, shove a cactus up his ass and burn in a pit of lava; if he treats you like that, he obviously isn’t worth your time when you could spend it talking to better people and doing better things.”

And that’s how I was happy yesterday. It was a bit of a roller-coaster but everyday is the same.

I hope you all had a good day yesterday and I hope you smiled at least once.


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Rocky xxx

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