Happy TuesdayHappy Tuesday everyone. I’m sorry for this article being late, but college was a sticky business due to having to go to Dewsbury after and there being crashes and 1 hour turned into 3…. I think I spent more time in the car in the middle of traffic than I did actually in the class room.

Today is Tuesday 8th July 2014. That means that three years ago Space Shuttle Atlantis was launched in its final mission for the U.S Space Shuttle program… Yeah, sad business. Poor Atlantis.

Anyway, so I thought I’d tell you something about yesterday; or maybe a few things. It was quite funny yesterday due to the fact that people actually wanted to talk to me… I don’t know either. It’s very strange.

But in Photography everyone blanked me completely and I was just like… please? Just one person? Please?!

And then when I got out of the lesson I found out that a girl called Grace, who knew me, was in the room and she had smiled at me as I entered…

She knew my friends… But nobody told me her name so I didn’t know it was her! DX

So, after that I had Film Studies, which sort of is what it’s called…

The teacher told us to get into groups of three or a pair, there was two 3’s and then there was just me and a random ginger boy. We looked at each other smiled awkwardly and the teacher, David, said to the boy, “Get to that seat next to her! You don’t make women move. Get some manners.” He said it as a joke but I think the kid may have taken his seriously because he disappeared and reappeared next to me… Literally! I didn’t even see him move, he just there all of a sudden! XD

English came, “Please will you fill out the crossword…” Yeah… I may have already finished it by the time he had said that… Oops.Embarrassed smile But in all fairness, he shouldn’t have said silly and easy questions!

Anyway, last lesson, Media. Media actually wasn’t too bad, I wasn’t forced to talk to anyone and nobody was forced to talk to me. Though, near the end of the lesson, a girl, I think her name was Beth… If not then, my brain is really bad with memories. But she asked me how to cut and change video clips. And when I explained it, her and her friend just talked to me. It was nice. She was quite nice and so was the girl she was working with.

So, that was my day. Once again, I’m sorry I was late… Couldn’t do it last night and I slept in this morning! Yeah, I actually slept!!! Open-mouthed smile

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my pain. I shall upload on time tomorrow! Bye everyone!

Contact me if you want someone to talk to.

Don’t be a stranger.


Rocky xxx

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