Happy Monday



Hello Everyone and a very happy Monday to you!

The date? Monday 7th July 2014!

Things in the past, the present and the future?

Let’s start with historical facts, shall we?

Historical Facts –

  1. 7/7 or July 7th was the day the Battle of Lugou Bridge began in 1937.
  2. On July 7th 2005,  almost 10 years ago, London transport was bombed! It was all over the western media and I’ve actually met someone who was going to be on one of the trains. Luckily, he got pulled behind and had to stay in work for another few hours… After all, when the bombs blew up, there was no other transport and the city was in gridlock. Not a good day in the city. 52 people where killed, not including the four suicide bombers.
  3. It’s not quite history but I find this one important! Because the past isn’t all doom and gloom! Comedian and Actor Jack Whitehall was born on 7th July 1988. At least one great thing happened in the past on this date!

So, what’s next? Present!

Today shows the release of this month’s magazine!!!! Happy? Excited? Haven’t read it yet? Click HERE to go ahead and read it! Its a great issue in my opinion! Even though a few of our writers couldn’t hand their work in, the magazine was filled! Thanks to Kelly Argent and Michael Barrett! They’re great!

And the Future. Well, this one hopefully won’t affect this, Happy Days, and the magazine. But for me, this is a big deal. Today I am going to be visiting the college I am going to! I’ve been a few times before but I’ve never seen a lesson in the works and I can’t wait! I’m just so excited!


So, there it is. That is what today is. I love you it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Happy Monday.

However, we need something to make you laugh. So, while watching Supernatural… Of course, I found this little moment by Jensen Ackles! I told you he was a talented man! Winking smile Gotta love him!

Here he is with Eye Of The Tiger.


Enjoy Your Day.

Don’t Be A Stranger!

Rocky xxx