Happy TuesdayIt’s not just a Happy Tuesday but it’s also a Happy July!

It’s Tuesday 1st July 2014 and its time to start feeling good! Summer is here and the sun is beaming! School is almost out and it’s time for a holiday, agreed?

So, what events happened in this month?

Well, for you Americans, a small reminder that on July 4th it’s independence day. Which for me being English, isn’t too important because it’s not part of my history. However, it should be important for you Americans. Winking smile

So, what else is in this month?! Well, there’s the rest of the World Cup! Which is a relief because I really can’t wait for it to end! Also, I’m leaving! Yay!

What? Aren’t you happy that I’m leaving? Awww! Cuties! Winking smile 

Well, I’m only going to be gone during week days which means that as soon as that finishes I can write about what I did when I was away and schedule them for when I’m gone! Perfect plan!! That’s if you all want to know what I’m going to be doing when I’m away on my NCS course!

So, what else is happening? Well, the Wattpad competition is almost over! It ends July 4th, Independence Day, which is this Friday! And it ends 11:59PM [GMT].

If you feel like you would like to enter, click here for the details.

And finally, the last thing, I get to show you a story of a girl with a big problem in the next issue of Live, Love, Laugh Magazine which is coming out on July 8th, which is next Monday! I can’t wait! Can you?!

Anyway, there it is, there’s today! So, I’ve been in the mood for Supernatural because Dean and Sam Winchester are just funny. So, here’s a little Sam Gif!


And there it is! Happy Tuesday everyone! Stay Fabulous! Winking smile


Talk soon, Unicornauts!


Rocky xxx

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