Happy Monday - France VS NigeriaHello Everybody!

For those who have just woken up after 48 hours of hibernating, it’s Monday!

Happy Monday everyone, even though most people don’t like Mondays… However, I love them! Why? Because I get to write stuff for you and I get to talk to some of you!


So, what’s special about today? Well, for the football fans who have been following the Fifa World Cup, you get to watch France go up against Nigeria which… I think is going to be interesting! Who agrees?


So, why am I doing yet another Monday post? Well, because I thought it would only be appropriate for one to be up on here considering that this is where all the fun happens and this is going to be where I post the future Happy Days!

What have I got for you today?

Well, its Monday, which means it may be hard for you to smile, so I’ve found some images that could make you smile and have a little giggle with your friends!

What to see them? Yeah, I thought you did! Winking smile



And there they are. Not as many as there are on the Happy Day post on the main blog but these ones are a little cheekier!

So, I hope you had a little giggle, I hope you smiled!

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Talk Soon, Unicornauts!


Rocky xxx


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