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So, as you can see from the title I’ve been called Homophobic… Yeah, I don’t know how I can be homophobic when I’m a Gay Pride supporter and I am, myself, Bisexual.
So, how can I be homophobic?
Well, I don’t know.
However, as you all know I am a Wattpad writer. I have write Romance and Fantasy and also Teen Fiction, while doing this I have gotten the chance to write Homosexual stories, one being Lesbian and the other Gay.
Although, I haven’t written them to mock Homosexual people. I have written them to show the beauty of the love I’ve witnessed. With having Homosexual friends and being in a Homosexual relationship in the past you learn about how they teach one another. It’s honestly beautiful and it’s just like a normal, loving relationship. Gender doesn’t really mean anything, its about respect and personality and actions when in a relationship that will determine whether it will stay strong or break quickly.

So, when I wrote the Lesbian book, I based it a little around my past relationships with my ex girlfriends. That way I can go into detail about how we acted and how we fought and things like that.
And this guy, messaged me and said that the book was okay but the Age Restrictions had to be changed to R…

If you don’t know what the R means when it comes down to Age Restrictions, it means Restricted due to Strong Language, Violence and Sexual Activity…

There isn’t any Sexual Activity in the book yet… All it is, is details and descriptions.
So, technically, the rating of PG-13 was still suitable.

So, what was his problem?
Well, he asked me how old I was, I told him, 16 almost 17, no lie. I am turning 17 in December. And then he called my knowledge wrong… And when I asked why he said because Homosexuality is wrong… And then he had the cheek to say that I was homophobic. He complained that he didn’t have a girlfriend. Probably because he’s simple-minded and ignorant.

So, there it is.
I’m apparently a Homophobic Bisexual.
I’m also too young to know about sex, even though I am legal for it in the UK, which is where I live.

So, I’m a bad person, because a Homophobic boy said so….

Anyway, if any of you would like to talk to me or ask me a question; if you need advise or you’re just bored, my contact details will be below.

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