Hello Everyone!

It’s Rocky here!

So, how is everyone?

I hope good. If not, feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to! My contacts will be below!


Anyway, so as the title above says, I am hosting a small competition, its almost finished. It’s free to enter! Its just something that is a fun thing to do and it is to name two new characters, twins, in my book Dream World that is on Wattpad.

The twins were born in the last chapter but we don’t know what they are, 2 girls, 2 boys or a girl and a boy… And we don’t know what to call them, so, what do you think?


Have some interesting names?

Why not enters at: – Enter The Competition Here



Anyway, there it is.

The winners will be announced in the July Issue of the magazine which is going to be released on the first Monday of July which happens to be July 8th.


So, there it is.

If you wanna talk, my contact details are below!

But for now, I’ll see you all, later.

Have a great summer.


Rocky xxx


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