It’s strange how it has been so long since I updated here. So here it is.
GSCE’s are just one thing in a teenagers life that can cause them stress. But it’s obviously not the only thing! For example, love lives… They are so messy when you’re a teenager and it’s not even because of the sex-crazed. Hormonal teens! It mainly because of those idiotic people that cheat on each other, ignore each other and just try to ruin each other’s life with their presence. How do I know this? Well, I have a sex life without a love life… Yeah, I’m not a slut or a whore, I’ve slept with the same person every time. However, he doesn’t think he wants a “relationship”… Which literally just wrecks my mind because I have to admit, this guy was my first crush and I’ve kept t5hat crush in the back of my head for the past eight years, just clinging there like a girl clinging to a teddy bear that is older than herself.
So, yes. I had a crush on the guy, the guy shows a little interest when I become friends with his girlfriend. His girlfriend breaks up with him for someone else and once again, I am left to pick up the pieces and somehow I ended up with him in my bed with only his boxers on in one beautiful sunlit morning in the Easter holidays… Yeah, sounds pretty grisly, right? But while being “Friends” with him, I’ve lost more friends than I care to even think about. Though, I lose friends on a daily basis, so I’m used to it. But really, love lives, sex lives and fake friends are some of the worst things to have in your last year of high school, trust me. I’m wiser than my mother and I’m still in year 11!
Another thing, society, the want to fit it just grows when you get into year 11 because all you want is what all the other people have, someone. And usually to get someone during these times where society reins over instincts and morals, for a girl you need to be: skinny, pretty, blonde and dumb. And for a guy: Muscular, skinny and short hair and shaven… everywhere. But the shaven thing is mostly for both so don’t feel the pressure of it too much… But yes, there are a lot of things that you have to be, to be able to attract someone. Which, to be honest, is just absurd because I don’t love for any of those things! If a guy wants a beard and doesn’t want to risk cutting his brotherhood! He doesn’t have to! He can be skinny or tubby and if he wants long hair, have long hair! Because to be honest, guys with long hair…. WOW! And girls? Really? Being skinny is no fun, you’re more than likely going to be constantly ill and there’s nothing to hold onto! Yes, Love handles are good, nobody doubt it! I do have to admit though, there is a limit! And I think I’m over it with a nice big 16 stone of weight on me! But I’m not extremely big! I could be a lot bigger like when I was a child so… Yeah! But being extremely skinny is just stupid! And I realised that over the holidays but everything is going to get better! I swear! And being blonde isn’t that important! Screw going blonde, I’m going rainbow next year once I get my black hair dye out… even though it will end up going ginger but! Hey, ginger’s great!

Now, for the final thing, family. Family can be a problem sometimes if they argue a lot or you argue with them. You need to talk to them like an adult so that they treat you like one. It’s the only way it’ll work, trust me, I’ve been in that predicament too many times, whether its watching it happening or seeing it happen. Though, most of the time I am right because my Dad acts more like a child than I do. So, if you have that problem, talk to the people you’re having the problem with and try not to lose your temper!

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So, I hope this covered the main parts in the past few weeks and I hope you enjoyed it!
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