It’s been awhile! But I’m back for good! I promise!

Live Love Laugh Ranting

It’s strange how it has been so long since I updated here. So here it is.
GSCE’s are just one thing in a teenagers life that can cause them stress. But it’s obviously not the only thing! For example, love lives… They are so messy when you’re a teenager and it’s not even because of the sex-crazed. Hormonal teens! It mainly because of those idiotic people that cheat on each other, ignore each other and just try to ruin each other’s life with their presence. How do I know this? Well, I have a sex life without a love life… Yeah, I’m not a slut or a whore, I’ve slept with the same person every time. However, he doesn’t think he wants a “relationship”… Which literally just wrecks my mind because I have to admit, this guy was my first crush and I’ve kept t5hat crush in the back of…

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