Hello Everyone!
I know, its been so long since I’ve posted and as the founder, I should keep you up to date and for not doing that, I’m deadly sorry.
But! Here I am!

I’m hoping that you all enjoyed this month’s issue, we’ve lost two writers, which is unfortunate, but we’ve also gain writers too.

Next month’s issue is baking in the over as we speak, our writers twiddling their pens and using their rubbers because they can’t decide to put a full stop or a semi-colon!

But, it will be up, hopefully a little earlier than this months, which once again, I’m sorry for!

But next months is going to be better, for one reason and one reason only! It’s the easter special! Chocolate Bunnies and Eggs and maybe a little video from our writers with a little message 😉 Talk soon everyone!

Have a happy St.Patricks Day!

Holly 🙂 xxx