So, the second issue of our magazine was released last night, its not as popular as last months but that doesnt matter as long as someone is ready it, its all worth while. However, today has took a turn for the worse. Im going to college in September and the college I want to go to is in Pontefract, the home of Haribo, where I want to study Photography, Media, English Literature and Film Studies. Although, its only an extra mile away from my house than my brothers old college, my parents are refusing to drive me…. Yes, my college is a small 8.8 miles away from my house… And theyre refusing to take me?! Why? They said if I wanna go to this college I must go on the bus, which is fine but Pontefract is two towns away, meaning I have to get a bus into Rothwell or Castleford and then another bus into Pontefract… An academy bus pass will probably cost more than petrol, “but hey?! As long as we dont have to get out of bed before 9am, to hell with money!”
And thats the vibe I’m getting off my parents at the moment, which is why I’m going to my friends house and sleeping over and going shopping. To hell with Family, all mine is, is Homophobic, Racist and overall offensive, and thats why I cant say that I’m bisexual, and why I cant invite my Asian friend over and why my friends that has disabilities cant come over because my dad argues with them because he’s disabled and too pig headed! God, Why Did You Let Me Be Born Into This Family?!