Hello Everyone!

So, yesterday I went shopping in Leeds with my Best-friend, Emily, and like usual, we went on the bus. Getting off it though should be an Olympic sport! Just like many other thing! Here are my examples!

1. Wheely bins – trying to pull on and push another without kneeing them or clipping your heals.
2. Electric Line Shoes – tying your shoe laces together and throwing the over the electric wire without pulling it down, missing or killing yourself.
3. Shopping – shopping at Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys or Aldi without getting murdered by a woman with a huge turkey in her trolly.
4. Crossings – trying to get across a crossing before the light runs red and you get hit by a bus.
5. Getting off a bus – there’s always that one nice old man or good lucky guy that lets you get down the stairs first, however, it’s a mission that we all have to try NOT to hit them over their heads with our bags! Yes, this happens!

And there they are! I hope you all enjoyed the little rant! I’ll be doing one ever Tuesday! Talk soon! Bye, bye!

Holly Midwood x